Library bags

Pink striped & denim embroidered with princess design & child's name

Embroidered library bags personalised with child's name and a design of your choice. We have a number suitable designs for boys and girls. Go to choose your design tab to see themed galleries. If you have something else in mind please make a request. For fabrics choices go to "Choose your Fabric" Denim, blue camo, stripes for girls and boys, pinks, coral, navy, black, red and more prints & plains too numerous to name!

Each bag has a print on the reverse side and has a contrasting band at the top in the same fabric as the front, the front has a contrasting band in the same fabric as the reverse. Pictured is the pink stripe and denim bag embroidered with "Princess" and child's name. Bag measures approximately 32cm x 40cm but can be made to any size.

Click on galleries on the right for just a few samples of designs/prints available

Cost: $16 plus postage: $2.00